Casey Newton, the Verge

I’m extremely grateful for getting the opportunity to meet Casey and visit the Verge. He does amazing work, and he cares about educating everyone about technology and its impacts. For most teens, there seems to be this visible disconnect between your life and the real world. It’s hard to have a proper understanding of whatContinue reading “Casey Newton, the Verge”

Background on Carpenter v. United States

Because of the Carpenter v. United States case coming up tomorrow, I thought it would be interesting to post about the existing laws relating to the Fourth Amendment and the circumstances concerning how and when privacy is protected. The Carpenter v. United States case questions the legality of the government obtaining phone data without aContinue reading “Background on Carpenter v. United States”

What’s Really Taking Place Online

The Internet is an unfair domain. In general, people don’t know about what’s taking place online especially when it comes to the regulations and laws surrounding it. Most of the laws that apply to the online world challenge everything that the U.S. truly stands for as a country, and these decisions limit free speech, privacy,Continue reading “What’s Really Taking Place Online”